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The future is here: how are exoskeletons reshaping work

The future is here: how are exoskeletons reshaping work

Exoskeletons have been around for a while now, with researchers studying the benefits of this technology since the 1960s. Back then it was studied as an innovation for military purposes, but nowadays we are experiencing a change in how we think about this concept and in how we attempt to use exoskeletons to transform our lives. 

What is an exoskeleton?

Exoskeletons are many times represented in our minds as an Ironman suit that gives its owner superpowers. This is true to some extent, as exoskeletons help us to enhance our ability beyond our actual physical capabilities. Exoskeletons come in various designs and with many different features, from wearable exosuits to virtual exoskeletons. 

Exoskeletons are based on the use of artificial intelligence to boost human abilities through the use of enormous data sets and well-structured algorithms. This data-driven mix of artificial intelligence and human abilities results in many new opportunities for various industries and for our day to day living too. 

Exoskeletons in the workplace

Many industries are already using various types of exoskeletons to ease physical labor and boost productivity. Motor-assisted gloves, power suits, ekso vest – are just a few examples of how the concept of exoskeletons became in the last years a tangible innovation that transforms especially the construction, health, and motor-vehicle manufacturing industries. 

These new design features enable us to adapt exoskeletons to the many ways in which we work, making them even more valuable for improving work conditions. However, the costs for using exoskeletons are still high, but future research and wider use of this technology will permit more affordable and effective implementation. 


How will exoskeletons change the idea of work?

Exoskeletons are all about transforming our lives through enhancing human abilities with the help of artificial intelligence. The idea of work as we know it is starting slowly to evolve by taking advantage of the collective intelligence and adaptiveness of this newly implemented technology. Exoskeletons are able to provide us with improvements based on large sets of data and incorporate intelligence across many humans. In the near future, we could see exoskeletons being used wider from manufacturing industries, engineering, and even in creative fields. 

Telero is already incorporating this technological innovation into its work, allowing people to remotely control robots through the use of an exosuit and other tools. Using Telero, people will have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, while companies will be able to hire experts no matter where they are located. 

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