Telero is the first platform which makes teleporting work possible.

Whereas using high-security standards and hardware encryption and acceleration, Telero is generating a new cutting edge foundation by expanding and up-warding jobmarket through remote control.

Telero allows individuals to control robots safely and securely.

Telero allows companies to upload jobs for individuals all over the world. The remote workforces will connect to the robots and control them remotely and in real time from any worldwide venues, with minimal latency.

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Where we are now

  • May 2021 Integrating test with the Telero AI algorithms with neural network prediction.

  • July 2021 First data security, personal integrity and private data protection test.

  • August 2021 Hardware security protocols tested and deployed successfully.

The Challenges

Teleporting work is now possible through Telero.

Don’t worry about it.

Telero enables people to control robots overseas safely and securely by using high availability fiber optics internet connectivity or mobile via 5G.

We’re experts.

Telero uses hardware security and software-based protocols and AI algorithms with neural network prediction for data security, personal integrity, and private data protection.

We got it covered.

Companies pay a fee to hire remote workers, robot manufacturers or providers pay a fee to enroll their robots, and remote workers pay a commission from their income.

We’re almost there.

The workplace dynamics are about to drastically change due to the 2020 social context. It's time to erase the boundaries, we are ready for teleporting the workforce by 2022.

We got accreditations.

We build technologies that power our platform and ignite opportunities for users worldwide. We strive towards developing a world-class support organization that scales effectively.

Robots delivery?
No worries.

Telero is leaded with the main support of the best technology experts, with many years of experience and high level of knowledge in cyber security and defense.

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Revolutionize the workforce with Telero.
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