Workforce for your business: whenever and however you need.

Telero is the first platform to make teleporting work possible. While using high security standards and hardware encryption, Telero is creating a new remote job market.

Revolutionize the workforce.

Telero allows companies to find and hire specialists overseas. The remote workers will connect to robots and control them remotely and in real time from any location, with minimal latency.

See how it works

Telero is creating new opportunities expanding the remote job market.

For business owners

24/7 work capacity. Experts only.

For remote workers

No relocation costs. Higher workforce availability worldwide.

For robots producers

Deliver robot-powered work to people. Standardized and safe with Telero.

Save money

Did you know that relocation is a source of psychological and financial stress for
both employer and employee? Think about the money you save getting rid of these
by using Telero:

  • Renting a home.
  • Moving household goods.
  • Airfare, car rentals and miscellaneous travel.

Not to mention the less obvious costs due to lost productivity from stress and distractions of getting settled into a new home.

Scalable and predictable

The monetisation model is based on a platform usage fee for all entities:

  • Companies pay a fee to hire remote workers.
  • Robot manufacturers or providers pay a fee to enrol their robots.
  • Remote workers pay a commission from their income.

Solutions for any industries


The fastest-growing sector in Europe. Take it further.

Data Science

Science is changing because of the impact of information technology. Keep up and be part of the change.


The medical system needs unity. Redefine how it works on a global scale.


Build up faster solutions to apply science and take advantage of a worldwide expertize.


Enable safe and secure innovation systems to serve both online and offline communities.


Speed up the movement of people and products globally.


Products can be assembled faster and with less labor than by having workers carry parts.


Work where Telero's digital technology meets the real world.

Be part of the change!
Revolutionize the workforce with Telero.
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