With Telero you can work remotely, safely and securely.

We handle all things people-related so our users around the globe are empowered to do their best work.

Designed to help people.

Telero helps both employers and employees to get in touch and work together wherever they are. It is accessible, safe and secure.

See how it works

Telero enables people to control robots overseas safely and securely.

Better lifestyle, more free time

We reimagine the way the world moves and offer more free time and flexibility to workers.

No need to relocate for work

No relocation costs. You can work from wherever you feel more comfortable.

Better paid job options

Deliver robot-powered work to people. Standardized and safe with Telero.

An inclusive environment for everybody.

It’s our goal to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we serve—where everyone can be their authentic self.

Opportunities in any industries


The fastest-growing sector in Europe. Take it further.

Data Science

Science is changing because of the impact of information technology. Keep up and be part of the change.


The medical system needs unity. Redefine how it works on a global scale.


Build up faster solutions to apply science and take advantage of a worldwide expertize.


Enable safe and secure innovation systems to serve both online and offline communities.


Speed up the movement of people and products globally.


Products can be assembled faster and with less labor than by having workers carry parts.


Work where Telero's digital technology meets the real world.

Be part of the change!
Revolutionize the workforce with Telero.

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